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Up-To-Date Maximum Residue Levels (MRLs)
from Around the World.
The Global MRL Database is a one-stop resource for international maximum residue level data and information.

Unparalleled MRL Expertise

Bryant Christie Inc. regularly assists registrants, global regulators, and growers on MRL policy issues, actively participates at Codex committee meetings, and works to establish MRLs and import tolerances.

Comprehensive MRL Mapping

Displayed MRLs consider full or partial deferrals, complex deferral pathways, and default tolerances.

Unmatched Attention to Detail and Accuracy

Bryant Christie Inc. has a team of analysts that follow strict internal procedures that ensure our MRL data and systems are up to date and accurate.

Excellent Customer Service

BCI analysts are available to answer your MRL questions. Customer support options vary by subscription package and may include email communication, direct phone support, and webinar training.

BCI Global Crop Dictionary ™

Subscribers have access to BCI's proprietary Global Crop Dictionary (GCD) for an easy comparison of MRLs in markets with differing commodity and crop group terminology.