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An Interview with James Christie, President of

The President and Founder explains the history of, its importance in global trade and what it takes to successfully manage the database as a whole.

Seeing into the Future: and the Regulatory Process

The team explains the importance of both the current and future MRL landscape by showing MRLs that are being considered for adoption and those which have been established but will take effect in the future.

Includes: Pending MRLs, Proposed MRLs

A Simple Question Actually Proves to be Complicated

The team explains how even searching for information on a single commodity can be a challenge and how is designed to alleviate this complexity.

Includes: Perspective Market Comparison, Regulation Reference, Date and Source details, Advanced Excel Chart Report

Understanding Deferral Paths

The team explains the decision trees used by some countries to determine MRLs and how the business rules to interpret them are built directly in

Includes: Market Information Reports

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